Vejer de la Frontera

License number: CR/CA/00188

License number: CR/CA/00188

What will your agâra be like?

In Sanskrit Agâra means your home, your space where you feel free to be yourself and recharge your energy.

"Our raison d'être, the harmony between body-mind and planet".

In our Eco-Boutique Houseall of our rooms and rooms are unique, completely open, luminous spaces and genuine, where you can relax, rest, and let your essence flow.

The eco-sustainable furniture and natural textiles will transport you to our roots, connecting with materials that link us to our origins, to our roots.

Water, light, aromas, fire, along with aesthetics, are meticulously cared for at EntreArcos. In other words, the sensory, tactile, visual, olfactory, and emotional aspects form a perfect balance.. Throughout the house we have worked at an energetic level the connection with the five elements that stimulate our balance, everything that anchors us with our inner self and with the harmony of what surrounds us.

To achieve this goal, you will find the five elements reflected with the incorporation of Tibetan, Middle Eastern and Greek influences.The hotel's facilities, encompassed under the umbrella of the Wabi Sabi style and a subtle Boho Chic accent. With an unpretentious, elegant and aesthetically balanced decoration, which combines with the natural richness of the environment, the openness to sustainable progress, and with the rooted and genuine culture resulting from the history of Vejer.

EntreArcos was born with the idea that guests can feel at home in their own homewithout pressure or controls, but with the availability of our staff for any need. Even being able to leave the luggage in the establishment before having the room, and in turn, after departure, always taking into account the respect between guests and the availability of spaces.

How do we create a unique space?

Each of the 8 rooms reflects the different emotions that we understand that our guests will feel in each one of them, according to the particular characteristics of each stay. For this purpose, we have chosen 8 Sanskrit namesThe rooms, one for each room, thus projecting the link we feel with nature and with the inner balance that this ancestral language brings, and connecting during the stay with the energy transmitted by each of the rooms.

Double beds for up to 2 persons: king size beds (160x200) or king size double beds (180x200)

Bathrooms designed en suite to offer comfort and a feeling of spaciousness, highlighting their freestanding bathtubs, or in pool or swimming pool type, with huge showers.

All our rooms have natural light, some with large windows and balconies overlooking the outside, and others overlooking the central courtyard of the house.

Adults Only: accommodation designed only for the enjoyment of the older members of the family.


Rooms with views of the town, free of noise and with natural light that provides a very special energy. With integrated or freestanding bathtubs, and with a separate shower and dressing room area.


Large rooms with unique services within the establishment (room 01, adapted for people with functional diversity; room 02, with hamman area). Located on the first floor, with direct access to the breakfast area, kitchen and living room, it is connected to the central courtyard of the house.


Rooms with differentiated areas, free-standing bathtub and shower area where you can relax and feel the tranquility of the water. Located on the upper floors of the house, you will enjoy the tranquility and space to connect with yourself, letting yourself go and feeling the energy of the elements.


Room with a unique decoration that gives it a special value. It has an independent WC cabin, and a pool that functions as a bathtub and shower, to enjoy both options in a single space. This room is designed to enjoy the pleasure of intimacy and reflection, with a soft and very careful lighting. 

If you choose Entrearcos, you choose to be in tune with nature and with yourself.

A synergy between the spiritual partand care of the soul and the body; and a physical partof the conservation of the planet, enjoyment and relaxation.

Each room reflects the different emotions that we want to convey in each room. We have selected 8 Sanskrit namesone for each room, projecting each of the affections we have with nature and with the energetic balance.



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